At his clinics, Tom Curtin offers instruction on horsemanship, colt starting, cow work, ranch roping and can also provide private sessions as well. Please contact the host to find out what’s available in your area. Clinics are a great way for you and your horse to learn how to work better together. Hope to see you at one in the near future!


Please note there is a $10 PayPal fee due to expenses.

Horsemanship: $525/US per clinic 

All others $625/US per clinic

Ground Work Clinics $250/US per clinic 

Ground work is $200 if you are enrolled in a riding class.

$250 non-refundable enrollment fee 


DatesLocation EventHost
February-AprilCurtin Ranch
Wilson, OK
Winter CampTrina Curtin
May 7,8,9,10QC Arena
Gay, GA
Cow work.

Margaret Sission
May 16,17Raphine, VAStockmanship ClinicTonya Schaefer
May 23,24Bar W Ranch
Bridgewater, VA
HorsemanshipDerek & CJ Wise
May 28,29,30,31Clover Creek Farm
Rochester, MA
Ground work, Horsemanship, Ranch Roping
Jason Drass 781-910 9597
June 4,5,6,7Pembroke NH.
Gelinas Farm
Cow Work,
Joanne & Artie Snow 603-225-7024
June 11,12,13,14Erin, Ontario
Ground Work,
Colt Starting
Ron Chauvin 519-833-9704
June 25,26,27,28,29 Tipperary Ranch
Buffalo, WY
Colt Camp
Amy Gonzales 307-758-4632
Tana Lutterman 307-758-4657
AUBeginner and Intermediate HorsemanshipKim 0411 234 488
AU(TBA)Steve and Heidi Crowe
AUStockmanshipDaryl Crowe 0-408973910
AURanch Roping, Ranch Horse VersatilitySteve & Heidi Crowe
November 6,7,8Bastrop, TX
McCall Ranch
Horsemanship and Cow WorkingKaren Miller

Five day colt camps $750 per colt. Optional bonus for colt starters $100 for three day pm horsemanship. 1st day, all day colts. 2nd-4th days, colts in the am and horsemanship in the pm. 5th day, all day colts.

$50 discount if participant pays a 50% deposit sixty days in advance of the clinic they are enrolled in.