Benefits of Quality Stockmanship

The benefits of using quality, low-stress stockmanship are limitless. By using these techniques and the natural instincts of livestock we can influence how they respond to our positioning, pressure and or release. In learning how to feel and communicate with livestock, you will be able to move the animals more humanely, productively and efficiently. This is beneficial for both the human and the livestock. Through this livestock centered teaching, the animals will have reduced illnesses, increased weight gain, higher pregnancy rates, better milk production and there will be a reduction in injuries to both livestock and human.

Why Tom is an EXCELLENT Stockmanship Teacher

Tom has taught horsemanship clinics for over 20 years and is an excellent teacher. This coupled with his knowledge, ownership and handling of livestock provides Tom with the tools to teach others something he is very passionate about. Tom has been fortunate to be around and work for some of the most famous ranches of the west. Through his experience and experimentation Tom feels that the combination of his horsemanship knowledge joined with his stockmanship skills could help both the small operation and or the large ranch.
Tom is certified by the Beef Quality Program (BQA). BQA has an educating program that helps producers identify management processes that can be improved.